Parliament now has control of the Brexit process

MPs voted on the Letwin amendment which called for a series of “indicative votes” to be brought to Parliament in order that a way forward on the question of Brexit be found.

The house found 302 against and 329 for, with three members of Mrs May’s cabinet resigning their posts in order to vote against the whip and for the amendment. This shows the gravity of the cabinet chaos, which is further underlined by the resignation letter of Richard Harrington MP for Watford. His letter offers us some insight into the motivations behind some Conservative members that are very worrying indeed.

It is now down to us to urge our MPs to vote according to our wishes. Votes will be held on a Second Referendum, Customs Union, Withdrawal Agreement, No Deal and Revoking Article 50.

It is important that our representatives do not abstain, that they have the courage to stand up for the Country at this time of great need and do not allow their judgment to be compromised. Our future depends on their courage and conviction now. Our encouragement will support them in their duties.

It is imperative that Sir Oliver Heald and Bim Afolami hold up the interests of their constituents above their Party. We must urge them to vote in favour of a second referendum and revoking Article 50. 

Email your MP today, not for a response, but that our opposition to Brexit is registered and that they know we are “with” them every step of the way.

Bim  Afolami:
Sir Oliver Heald:

Put It To The People March

The ‘Put It To The People March’ took place in London.

North Herts for Europe on the march to demand an informed referendum

The Government wants to kick the can down the road, and then force MPs to back their Brexit deal at the last minute. This was the day we – the people – said ‘No’.

The event began on Park Lane, when people marched to Parliament Square for a mass rally and speeches. Young and old walked side by side, through the centre of London – families with buggies, grandparents, teenagers, students, office workers, NHS staff, scientists, business owners, celebrities and MP’s from many parties.

Proudly showing the presence of North Herts for Europe

Put It To The People

This march could go down in history as the turning point. The day our demand for a People’s Vote became impossible to ignore.

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