No deal Brexit – Excellent news for international criminals!

Whilst the New Prime Minister talks about reversing the cuts to the Police numbers made by his predecessor his ‘No deal Brexit’ will actually make life easier for criminals with the UK cut off from the rapid two-way flow of vital data about criminal activity. The newly trained Police officers will take several years to be effective, meanwhile access to SISII alerts will cease on 31 October!

The National Crime Agency leads the UK’s fight to cut serious and organised crime

The following are excerpts from the Guardian – 27 July 2019:

Organised criminals exploit our borders and judicial differences and increasingly relocate from jurisdictions where law enforcement capabilities are strong to reduce the chance of detection.

An increasing percentage of crime is cross-border and cross-jurisdictional and ever more complex to investigate and detect.

Once the UK leaves the EU, police forces will not have access to European arrest warrants, European investigation orders or the Schengen Information System II, which allows officers to enter and consult alerts on persons or objects.

A no-deal Brexit at the end of October is now a possibility, which means that the priority for ICCC, the [International Crime Bureau] and police forces should be to focus on the mitigation of increased risks due to the loss of access to SIS II alerts.” SIS II is the Schengen Information System database.

The Home Office has made available £5.6m to a Brexit contingency unit because of the dangers involved in a cliff-edge loss of access to EU security and criminal databases.  [Former NCA deputy director general David Armond’s] report warns that “a key feature of crime, particularly serious organised crime, is that the perpetrators, the victims and the commodity are in different jurisdictions across the globe.

[Guardian 27 July 2019]

Please write to Bim Afolami MP if you live in the Hitchin And Harpenden constituency

Message from Richard Scott of Harpenden from Europe:

Dear friends,

With the looming election of Boris Johnson as Leader of the Conservative Party and British Prime Minister, the risk of a catastrophic No Deal Brexit is higher than ever.

We have all seen the mask slip from Johnson’s carefully managed “loveable posh clown” act, to reveal a impulsive, egoistical incompetent and serial liar. In less than a week he was caught out lying to the public again, this time lying on live television about EU restrictions on Isle of Man kippers AND having his bike stolen !

We should be very afraid.

But there is hope.

Parliament is fighting back.

MPs across all the major parties are working together to resist No Deal Brexit. This week, an amendment sponsored by Labour MP Hilary Benn and Conservative MP Alastair Burt, designed to make it more difficult for Johnson to suspend (or “prorogue”) Parliament, passed in the House of Commons by an impressive 41 votes.

Unfortunately, our local Member of Parliament, Bim Afolami, voted with the Government and voted against the Benn-Burt amendment.
What is particularly distressing about Bim’s actions is that he has repeatedly reassured his constituents of his opposition to a No Deal Brexit. Something has changed.

Bim’s Statements and Promises On No Deal Brexit 

3rd December 2018
“That just gives a sense of the scale of calamity if we end up crashing out of the European Union without a deal at the end of March next year. If any of you lose your job because of a chaotic no-deal and come to me afterwards and say, well, why did you allow this to happen? You know, that isn’t what I want on my conscience.“

11th December 2018
“The choice for both the UK and EU is this: plunge into the valley of death of a no-deal Brexit, or try to come to a sensible resolution.”

22nd January 2019
“Underlying all of this is a realisation that avoiding a no-deal exit is critical for the City of London.”

​22nd January 2019
“My position has not changed. I could not support a no deal outcome and I have ruled out supporting no deal on several occasions.”

13th March 2019
“I will be voting against a ‘no deal’ outcome today, as I believe it would cause irreparable damage to the UK economy and would not be in the national interest or the in the interest of my constituents in Hitchin and Harpenden.”

28th March 2019
A ‘No Deal’ outcome would mean immediate restrictions on our trade, disrupt our economic growth and cause issues at our borders. The entire Government – including those who campaigned for leave and remain – has been clear that a no deal scenario is not desirable and is not the best outcome for the future of our country.
3rd April 2019
”A ‘No Deal’ outcome would be catastrophic. It would have a severe impact on our security services, police forces and legal system: cause a severe hike in food prices and the reintroduction of direct rule in Northern Ireland. Parliament must find a way through this mess somehow, and we need to consider every potential option carefully if we are to avoid a chaotic ‘No Deal’ outcome”
Letter to Hitchin and Harpenden constituent 

After reading and trusting these statements, who could blame you, as Bim’s constituent, for taking him at his word to protect the country and his constituents from a No Deal Brexit ?

And how do you feel now?

Indeed, not only is Bim voting to give Johnson a free hand to prorogue Parliament and deliver a No Deal Brexit, he is effectively saying that his role as our Member of Parliament, in so far as holding the Government to account over Brexit is concerned, is redundant !

Nobody voted for that in the 2107 General Election.
If you feel angry and upset about this, you have every right to be.

The most constructive way to express your concern is by writing to Bim directly. You can tell him that that any support for a No Deal Brexit is completely unacceptable. In particular, our view is that:

1. He must not serve in a Government that would allow a No Deal Brexit. If this means resigning from his current position as a Parliamentary Private Secretary, then so be it;

2. He should vote against any legislation allowing the suspension (“proroguation”) of Parliament, and in support of any legislation preventing such suspension;

3. Now that the Withdrawal Agreement is dead, he should represent the wishes and interests of his constituents and vote in support of legislation promoting either a People’s Vote with the option to Remain, or simply Revoking Article 50. 

4. If he is unable to commit to the above, then he has by definition failed in his duties under the House of Commons Code of Conduct to serve the interests of his Country and his constituents, and should resign and allow Hitchin and Harpenden to elect a new Member of Parliament.

Bim’s email address is Bim.Afolami.MP@Parliament.UK

His postal address is PO Box 1241, Harpenden, AL1 9JF

We know that your emails and letters have a powerful influence on Bim. He may not reply to all of them, but he does read them and he and his team take note of the balance of opinion.

Remember to include your address and postcode. Bim can only reply to correspondence from his constituents. 

You can include us on cc or bcc if you like:

Thank you again for your fantastic support. It is a huge privilege to be able to serve you and the interests of our constituents.

Richard Scott, Chair, Harpenden for Europe

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