Brexit will NOT be DONE on 31 January!

Yes, we lost heavily in the General election, but it’s not time to give up! Things change on 31st January at 23:00, we’ll no longer be Remainers.

The majority did not vote to leave the EU, despite what Leavers will proclaim.

Although there’s no chance of changing the Government the ‘No deal’ scenario at the end of the Transition period at the end of this year is still a real possibility. The law now says the Transition will not be extended, but few who understand trade negotiations feel 11 months is a realistic period. If we move away from a Free Trade deal with the EU then every single commodity will need to be negotiated.

All along Remainers have pointed out the internal contradictions within Brexit and the multitude of different ‘Brexits’ that its supporters have espoused. The Prime minister is trying to pretend that his contradictions do not exist, we can expose them

There is also the conflict between continued alignment with the EU and alignment with the USA. A simple example is agriculture which would be, at least difficult, to be satisfied by the very different demands of both EU and USA. If he goes away from the EU model toward the USA we can clarify what’s happening and its consequences. See Phil Moorhouse’s video on the subject.

We probably need a little while to think about the future of the group, and any decision on future strategy, or even closure, is certainly not urgent.  

We were unable to reach those that chose to believe misleading and false messages. This must now be our focus to teach people scepticism and a conscious awareness of the power of manipulation, primarily through huge media publications owned by people who have their readerships submission, not welfare in mind.

In the next month:

We could start by communicating that 31st Jan will NOT be the day ‘Brexit is DONE’, despite what BJ says. Even now, we still don’t really know how the EU country’s citizens in the UK and UK citizens in other EU countries will be treated!

Members of the Labour and LibDem parties can influence their leaders to be. 

Send a personal letter/email to every person you know in other European countries expressing our disgust and shame at what has happened, disowning it, expressing our ongoing friendship with them and asking them to help us preserve our links and contacts with other Europeans.

Longer term:

Push to keep alignment with the EU whenever possible, or at least highlighting the impact of not doing so. Communicate every time BJ fails to deliver his promised Brexit. How long will it be before you will be hard pushed to find anyone in Britain who will admit to ever having voted for Brexit?

BJ only won 300,000 more votes than his predecessor, but the First Past the Post system delivered him a huge majority of seats. Education about the damage that the FPTP voting system has caused and how most other democratic countries replaced it with Proportional Representation a long time ago.The UK is leaving the EU, but as a group of 500 in North Hertfordshire as part of the European Movement, we can still influence change for the better for this country.