Brexit has happened – but a deal is still to do

The UK has now left the European Union and is in a transition state until the end of 2020.

The outcome of the 2019 General Election was of momentous importance for the future of our country.  The result made Brexit unstoppable.  We must now face the reality of having left the world’s most successful and influential trading partnership, and surrendering our position of leadership in Europe.

As a consequence, we have made ourselves reliant on America, China and other distant powers for the trade and prosperity on which we so much depend. This was not imposed on us by any external force but was the narrow outcome of a Referendum held in 2016, in which so many of our young people – who have the most to lose – had no say.

Now we must face reality – negotiating a future deal with the EU from a position of weakness, as one country facing a united block of 27 countries, each with their own interests to protect.  And with only eleven months to achieve this, against all the odds.

North Hertfordshire

This area is a modern, outward looking part of the country that voted to remain in the EU in 2016.  Its vibrant, attractive towns – Hitchin, Letchworth, Baldock, Royston and Buntingford – have historic links with Europe, in some cases over many centuries.  Letchworth, as the world’s first Garden City, influenced urban design throughout the continent, while Hitchin’s wool trade with Europe in earlier times set the scene for the town we see today.   Modern high tech industries now link these towns with the rest of Europe, creating jobs and prosperity that now must be at risk.

As well as the four towns, North Hertfordshire includes many villages, large and small, spread across the beautiful countryside.  These areas, and the natural environment, must also be safe-guarded for the future.

North Herts for Europe campaigns throughout this area for a successful, prosperous future, strengthened by our long-established links with Europe, and the closest  possible relationship with the European Union.

We wish to see a greater understanding of the positive role of the European Union in creating peace and prosperity throughout Europe, and of the benefits it confers on all citizens of member states.  In the fullness of time, we hope that British attitudes will change so that the UK can once again resume its rightful role as a leading country within the European Union.

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North Hertfordshire