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Brexit is not a done deal

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The outcome of the 2019 General Election will shape this country’s future for generations to come. It is a momentous decision.

Voting one way will make Brexit unstoppable; we will give up our leadership position in Europe, and will make ourselves reliant on America, China and other powers for the trade and prosperity on which we depend. All based on a Referendum three and a half years ago, in which our young people – who have the most to lose – had no say.

Voting in a different way gives us the opportunity of thinking again whether to leave the European Union; we would have a People’s Vote, enabling us to decide on what we want for ourselves and for future generations. Now we know so much more about the consequences of Brexit, this is the moment to demand the final say on our country’s future.

North Hertfordshire

This area is a modern, outward looking part of the country that voted to remain in the EU in 2016.  Its vibrant, attractive towns – Hitchin, Letchworth, Baldock, Royston and Buntingford – have historic links with Europe, in some cases over many centuries.  Letchworth, as the world’s first Garden City, influenced urban design throughout the continent, while Hitchin’s wool trade with Europe in earlier times set the scene for the town we see today.   Modern high tech industries now link these towns with the rest of Europe, creating jobs and prosperity that must not be put at risk.

As well as the four towns, North Hertfordshire includes many villages, large and small, spread across the beautiful countryside of the Chiltern Hills and beyond.  These areas, and the natural environment, must also be safe-guarded for the future.

North Herts for Europe campaigns throughout this area for a successful, prosperous future, strengthened by our long-established links with Europe, and our membership of the European Union.