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Daily Mail very concerned about Brexit trade deals

MPs must prevent sub-standard foreign food in a crucial vote next week There’s growing alarm at prospect of chlorinated chicken from US and Australia But although poultry is a concerning issue, the truth is chicken is just the start Extracts from Daily Mail As ministers and negotiators attempt to thrash out post-Brexit trade deals with the U.S….

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The regional economic impact of Brexit to date: many losers, few winners

Warwick University Econometrics Research Report – July 2020 The authors find that the negative impact of Brexit on the economy is larger in areas where : a) more people voted to leave b) the manufacturing sector is more prominent c) there are higher numbers of low skilled workers.

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Brexit transition status: If you must Brexit, think it through first!

The government’s preparations for regulatory trade negotiations are less advanced than they should be. Discussions are still taking place within government on the UK’s position on a number of important regulatory issues. This creates a real risk that the government will be pushed into making concessions it shouldn’t – or will fail to make concessions…

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Brexit has consequences that people should have known

In some ways, Brexiters, who despise EU bureaucrats and rail against extra-national decision making, seem to treat it as an act of nature that there are Europe-wide regulatory systems whereas, when transition ends, British citizens will be excluded from their provisions. The related underlying issue is that for many Brexiters the vote to ‘take back…

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Tactical Voting – Recommendations for Hitchin and Stevenage

As a non-affiliated organisation, North Herts for Europe recommends voting LibDem in Hitchin and Harpenden and Labour in Stevenage – Explanation below. What is Tactical Voting? Our First Past The Post (FPTP) voting system developed when just two parties competed against each other. The one with the most votes was the winner, and that was…