Statement about the General Election Result

In North Herts for Europe, we argued consistently that the People should be given the opportunity for a second Vote on  Brexit, once the terms were known.

If a second referendum had taken place, we would have campaigned to keep Britain in the EU as a vigorous modern democracy, at ease with itself, outward looking and confident in its place in the world.  That now seems to be a lost cause, at least as far as England and Wales are concerned.   Clearly Brexit will now happen and there is nothing we can do to stop it.  It is a time for reflection. A very sad day for this country.

The Remain viewpoint was gaining ground, Best for Britain calculated that it had reached 52%. However unlike other European countries we still rely on the ancient First Past The Post voting system for general elections although, interestingly, not for all elections in the UK.

It is a matter of deep regret to us that the opposition parties were unable to combine their efforts and save the country from Brexit.

Looking to the future, we sincerely hope that ways will be found to at least reduce the damage that will be caused by Brexit, and to maintain the closest possible links with our European neighbours.  We now need to take time out to reflect on how that might be achieved, but its importance remains as great as ever.

We could discuss the long historical context of what  has brought this about, but for now we need to absorb what has happened and think about whether anything can be done to mitigate the damage that will be caused.  

Johnson will have to figure out what Brexit means. He will face a terrible dilemma between damaging our economy by ripping us out of the EU market or following the bloc’s rules without a say on them. But pro-Europeans can’t influence that choice. It’s a debate that will be held entirely within the Tory party.

Thank you for your support. Our AGM will be on 14 January. A further notice will be sent out about this to our subscribers.

The following is part of the announcement from the Peoples vote campaign:

“The People’s Vote will now refocus its campaign to concentrate on vital social issues that this government must urgently prioritise in its Brexit negotiations. We will remain a grassroots campaigning group who will act on issues of social inequality. We will put pressure on the government to stop them sacrificing opportunities for the poor and vulnerable, removing citizens’ rights, undermining the NHS and reducing job security in pursuit of a destructive Brexit driven by a hard-right minority.

We urge the government to avoid a hard Brexit that will be a disaster for our country and instead work with our European partners to get the fair deal that British people deserve. The poorest and most vulnerable will be further marginalised if Boris Johnson’s government crashes us out of the EU with no deal. 

We will now redouble our efforts to make Johnson’s government accountable to the people, to give assurances that protect the weakest in our society and put the needs of the people above political ideology.

Early next year the People’s Vote campaign will rebrand and reorganise to campaign for a fair deal for Britain.” 

Quoted from a Peoples vote mailshot 13/12/19