Voters left Voiceless – The 2019 General Election

For all the talk of December’s poll as a ‘People versus Parliament’ election, it looks like neither won.

22.6 million. That’s the number of votes that didn’t count towards the result in December’s General Election, according to new analysis by the Electoral Reform Society. In other words, under Westminster’s rotten voting system, almost three-quarters of voters had their votes ignored – leading to disenfranchisement on an industrial scale. 

In the run-up to the election, we heard repeatedly about the need to ‘break the deadlock’. But breaking it will take more than an election – the so-called deadlock is a structural crisis of Westminster’s own making. 

We have, in Westminster, a system built on unearned majority-rule and confrontation and this ground to a halt when faced with the realities of 21st century politics. 

Electoral Reform Society – 2nd March 20

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