Women for a People’s Vote

Visit the Women for a People’s Vote website: http://women4pv.org/

Women for a People’s Vote is part of the campaign to give the public a say on the Brexit deal.

  • We now know the true impact Brexit will have on our rights and services.
  • We have been underrepresented in the debate but there is another option.
  • We will not get a better deal for women. Brexit as it was promised is undeliverable.

A People’s Vote is a vote for women, for equality, for justice.

Brexit Is for Boys

Since 2016, the campaign to leave the European Union has been led primarily by men. The remaining candidates for prime minister are all male—and they’re not talking about the grave consequences of Brexit for women.

Many of the laws that ensure women cannot be discriminated against at work, can defend themselves against sexual harassment and can stand up for women’s rights around the world are enshrined in EU law. Leaving the EU risks leaving these hard-fought rights to the whims of our national political cycle as well as losing out on future protections.

Women’s rights at work, home and on the street are not guaranteed under current agreements: