About us – North Herts for Europe

Following the advisory referendum for the UK to leave the European Union of June 2016, North Herts for Europe was formed to campaign for remaining in the European Union, and for a further referendum to decide whether the British people still wished to leave the European Union once the terms of leaving were established. 

All hope of a second referendum ended with the December 2019 general election, when just 43% of voters handed the government unfettered power to leave the European Union without any further consultation.  At this point, we resolved to continue campaigning for a positive approach to Europe, maintaining all possible links, social and economic, with our neighbouring countries.

Now Britain has left the European Union, North Herts for Europe continues to believe that the decision to leave was a strategic error, which ultimately will need to be reassessed, and in the fullness of time will be reversed. We continue to challenge the political decision to leave, and campaign for the eventual restoration of European Union membership with all the benefits that would bring.

The group continues to be affiliated with the European Movement, the long-established national organisation founded to promote peace and friendship throughout Europe, and now campaigning for Britain’s rightful place in the European Union.

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