Brexit crisis for independent garages in the UK

Delays and unexpected surcharges as a result of Brexit are causing havoc in the aftersales industry, with independent garages refusing to work on some vehicles and cars stuck in workshops across the country with problems that have rendered them off-road.

In one extreme case, an engine ordered in November 2020 has been marooned at Felixstowe docks since the first week of January, with the vehicle stuck in a busy garage in East Sussex.

David Burford, who runs Saabtech in Eastbourne, a specialist Saab garage and classic vehicle restoration service, said: ‘Back in November, our customer ordered a brand-new engine for his VW Type 2 camper, so we took the van into our workshop to get the old engine out in readiness for the new one arriving.

‘It’s still there, and the engine is at Felixstowe. The port don’t know if they can release it or not as there’s a question mark over the duty payable and whether it is owed by the customer or the supplier, and the part arrived without the correct export paperwork as, despite being dispatched before December 31, it arrived after.

William Morgan who runs Morgan’s Motor Engineers in Drayton, Norfolk, almost had to cancel planned repairs on a Mercedes E-Class after his regular supplier refused to send parts for the car.

Car Dealer – Investigation: How Brexit has led to a parts crisis for independent garages in the UK – 6 April 2021

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