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Brexit: Things Can Only Get Worse, with Jonty Bloom

A North Herts for Europe presentation

Brexit: Things Can Only Get Worse

A Zoom webinar with Jonty Bloom, formerly BBC business and economics correspondent, now freelance journalist and blogger. His blog, Jonty’s Jottings, can be found on He worked in the City before becoming a journalist.

Jonty presents a 40-minute review of the ways in which Brexit will impact the British economy this autumn.

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Part 2 – Q&A


Eve B.: This is a VERY good talk! Actually, is excellent. Share and spread the word!

Stefan Bayerl: One of the best overall views of the subject I have seen so far. It seems that Brexit keeps the UK occupied whereas in the EU it goes mainly quiet. Unless there is a new crisis from GB to be reported.

Hugo Green: That was the most wide-ranging and reflective talk I’ve heard. Very depressing. What is most disturbing is the trajectory the UK seems to be on, and the lack of credible middle of the road opposition which can stop this insanity. In the absence thereof expect the trend of isolationism to continue with the union to be broken

Hinderlengjes: Oh dear. Someone who actually knows what he’s talking about. I didn’t know those were still allowed.

Question time

Question and Answer

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