Brexit will damage UK manufacturing industry

Manufacturing is at risk from serious disruption because the government has failed to devise a suitable replacement for the EU’s safety standards system.

This means components needed for use in the UK will not have a suitable “kitemark” to guarantee a product is safe which could force manufacturers and their suppliers to down tools or divert their trade elsewhere, leading figures warn. Without confirmation that these safety and environmental standards are met, products and parts cannot be sold on the UK market.

The failure to secure recognition for the UK’s conformity assessment (UKCA) bodies has cut a slice off the UK’s advantage in international trade. The government’s own guidance said, “it was not the desired outcome” in talks.

Brexit red tape hits UK manufacturing of goods from cars to fridges – The Independent – August 2021

Brexit will damage UK manufacturing when UK specific rules come into effect in January 2022 as the CE marking will not be valid in the UK which is scheduled to require its own standards and testing.