Brexiteer Blames EU For 3rd Country Status On BBC Panorama

A Brexiteer from the IEA right-wing think tank was invited on to BBC Panorama to talk about the benefits of Brexit, but he blames the EU for 3rd country status and he suggests that Brexit is a means to “shake up” the economy, something that could benefit businesses. Note the use of false equivalence here by the BBC.

Extracts from BBC TV’s Panorama documentary series

Standard Brexiter response number 2:

Market shocks are GREAT! They shake firms out of complacency.

False equivalence

A number of times in the past the BBC has been accused of False equivalence by presenting two parties, one with expertise and one without. Eventually, after repeated use of this approach, Ofcom, the media regulator, warned them about this tendency in regards to Climate change.