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Daily Mail very concerned about Brexit trade deals

MPs must prevent sub-standard foreign food in a crucial vote next week

  • There’s growing alarm at prospect of chlorinated chicken from US and Australia
  • But although poultry is a concerning issue, the truth is chicken is just the start

Extracts from Daily Mail

As ministers and negotiators attempt to thrash out post-Brexit trade deals with the U.S. and Australia, there has been growing alarm at the prospect of chlorinated chicken from these countries flooding British supermarkets.

But although poultry — and how it is treated both before and after slaughter — is an issue of great concern on the grounds of animal welfare and the wellbeing of consumers, the truth is that chicken is just the start.

The deals our Government is trying to strike with potential trade partners — especially America — could have a possibly catastrophic effect on what we eat every day.

It’s not just chicken

It’s beef, pork, lamb, dairy, fruit, vegetables, rapeseed oil, sugar, animal feed — the list of what could be affected is lengthy.

On Monday, the Agriculture Bill returns to the Commons

Now time is fast running out. On Monday, the Agriculture Bill returns to the Commons to start its second reading followed by a crunch debate in which MPs will vote on whether new watchdogs are given the power to enforce high standards on imported produce.

The farming minister, Victoria Prentis, has written to Tory MPs saying that the Government will not support such amendments.

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