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Gove announces Open borders for Organised crime gangs

In the House of commons today, 8 Oct 2019, Michael Gove announced the ‘Disconection of SISII’ as part of Brexit. This is the system which continually shares information on criminals and their activities in and between EU states. Of course this includes the UK and Ireland. See official Government statement. And then read the consequences below.

Preparations for No deal Brexit – As announced in Parliament on 8 October 2019

Gove’s speech exactly as delivered. Transcript

Last year 1412 suspects were arrested in the UK using the European arrest warrant, which will no longer be available to the Police.

UK to Lose Access to Million Pieces of Information on Criminals in Case of a No-Deal Brexit

From the Independent:

Britain will be at greater risk from terrorism and organised crime if it crashes out of the EU without a deal, a government document has admitted.

Attempts to reach new security agreements with EU members – to replace the European Arrest Warrant and the Schengen Information System database of suspects – “cannot fully compensate”, it concedes.

The admission comes just weeks after James Cleverly, the Conservative party chairman, insisted security co-operation would continue seamlessly, even after a no-deal Brexit on 31 October.

In contrast, the ‘No-Deal Readiness Report, published by Michael Gove, states that a crash-out “would result in some mutual loss of capability for the UK and EU member states”.

The UK would be forced to aim for “maximising our use of Interpol” and to use “bilateral channels and other multilateral mechanisms outside EU structures”.

Or, in other words, what we had to rely on before the UK joined the EU system.

Police bust multi-billion pound crime racket after 50 tonnes of drugs smuggled into country

Example of Anglo-Dutch cooperation required to beat organised crime from ITV news today 8 October 2019.

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