Lorry Driver Shortages 2021 UK – Joining the Dots

Driver Shortages 2021 – Problems appearing

Examples are:

Lorry Driver Shortages 2021 UK Lorry being unloaded + Empty shelves

The bigger picture

There are many separately reported Driver Shortages (2021 UK), but few people are Joining the Dots to see the bigger picture. We offer the big picture here.


The most frustrating aspect of a lorry drivers working life is not the driving but the waiting around to be able to load or unload. This situation is getting worse due to the lack of staff in warehouses.

Deteriating over the years

There has been a lorry driver shortage in the UK for many years, it’s now 100,000. And the average age is now 56, hence a large number of them are retiring. The conditions for drivers have been getting worse, in particular the waiting, as have the salaries. However the situation has dramatically worsened during 2021.

Government actions

  • The Government says that Lorry driver shortages are occuring across Europe, and indeed in many countries gloablly however, they are proportionally much worse in the UK. The recent situation has been made very much worse due to EU workers leaving the UK, plus the ending of free-movement for them and the new Border controls. Both as a consequence of Brexit. There are also the changes in tax rules (IR35).
  • The Government has allowed drivers working hours to be extended, thus making the roads less safe.
  • Making driving tests easier, thus making the roads less safe.

However, they are refusing the requests from many organisations to put lorry drivers on the Visa skills shortage list to allow foreign drivers in to the country.