Brexit’s impact on UK chocolate makers – ‘We’ve lost our entire European trade’

Delays, paperwork and additional costs are making British chocolate scarce in Europe “We’ve lost our entire European trade,” said Aneesh Popat, the owner of The Chocolatier, which sells dark chocolate salted caramel water ganache Easter eggs and other treats out of Bedfordshire, about 80km (50 miles) north of London. “Worse than that, we’ve lost our…


One in four small export businesses have stopped selling to the EU, poll finds

Almost one in four small businesses which export goods have temporarily stopped shipping to the EU since the end of the Brexit transition period, a survey has found. Close to a third (32 per cent) have lost goods in transit, and an even greater proportion (34 per cent) have had goods held indefinitely at EU…

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Daily Mail very concerned about Brexit trade deals

MPs must prevent sub-standard foreign food in a crucial vote next week There’s growing alarm at prospect of chlorinated chicken from US and Australia But although poultry is a concerning issue, the truth is chicken is just the start Extracts from Daily Mail As ministers and negotiators attempt to thrash out post-Brexit trade deals with the U.S….