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March together for decency and democracy this Saturday 19/10/19.

Next Saturday we march en masse to register our voices at a time when they are being ignored by Government. Democracy is a debate and demands that we be heard and be seen as the new majority on the Brexit issue. 

North Herts for Europe cordially invites you to join us and Harpenden for Europe in Upper Grosvenor Street, W1K 2ND, between 11.45am and 12.30pm ready to march together to Parliament Square. As you may know Parliament will be sitting despite this being a Saturday, and this momentous day will be crucial in the planning of our prosperity, safety and cohesion for the future.

A Poll of polls now shows remain with a clear and consistent majority. When a nation’s people are ignored by their Government those people must demand to be heard again. 

North Herts for Europe have two other meeting points through the day:
3pm Costa Coffee, above Waterstones, Trafalgar Square. WC2N 5EJ

6.30pm The Parcel Yard, Kings Cross Station. N1C 4AH

We are asking for our politicians to work together cross party to arrest the diminishement of the UK that is Brexit and return to the people their democratic voice.

We look forward to seeing you there on this day like no other in our living memories. We must return truth to leadership so we can make properly informed choices.

If you live in or around North Hertfordshire or Stevenage and plan to attend please let us know by emailing thanks.

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