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Concern that Ports won’t be ready for Brexit Import checks!

Ports won’t be ready for Brexit Import checks at current rate of progress

“From Oct. 1 new documentary checks come in and Jan. 1 is the date for the start of the full checks regime. That’s documentary with ID and physical checks at the new border control posts which haven’t opened yet, they are not fully built yet. There’s still a lot to do, the six month delay has given us an opportunity to have a little more time to prepare but six months passes very quickly.”

Food Safety News – July 2021

“The charges we make on importers have to be balanced and fair and trying to set a charging regime is never going to be popular with traders,” he said.

“Government have made resources available for port health authorities for border readiness but that has to be sustainable, we can’t exist on a one-off grant or a two year funding package. We’ve more than doubled our workforce already this year in preparation and we will triple it by October. The new high volumes of checks, from none to the 1,000’s we have to do, will place great reliance on new IT systems.

Food Safety New

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