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Tactical Voting – Recommendations for Hitchin and Stevenage

As a non-affiliated organisation, North Herts for Europe recommends voting LibDem in Hitchin and Harpenden and Labour in Stevenage – Explanation below.

What is Tactical Voting?

Our First Past The Post (FPTP) voting system developed when just two parties competed against each other. The one with the most votes was the winner, and that was fair and proper.

Now, however, there are a number of parties competing for votes, sometimes with a similar policy on a key issue, such as holding a People’s Vote. In this situation the votes in support of that issue may be split between several parties. In contrast, just one party may hold a different view, such as being strongly pro-Brexit. Even if the majority of people vote for parties supporting a People’s Vote, because the voting is split, the single pro-Brexit party could easily emerge as the winner.

Even if you’ve voted many times before you may not be familiar with the concept of Tactical Voting.

Tactical Voting arises from people deciding which of the parties with a similar policy has the best chance of winning, and voting for that party even if it is one they would not normally support. By voting in this way, people increase the chances of getting the outcome they actually want, rather than allowing a minority view to win the day.

Impact of Tactical voting

Due to using the First Past The Post (FPTP) voting system, there is often only a small difference in the number of votes for two, or even three parties. Consequently only a small number of votes may be needed to push a candidate into the winning position, ‘past the post’ in horse racing terminology.

Tactical voting – Why now?

Tactical Voting is much more significant than ever before, as party loyalties are being superseded by voters’ views about Brexit. The figure for those intending to vote tactically has been increasing from 22%, 24% last week and is now 30%!

Poll reveals record-breaking 30 percent of public plan to vote ‘tactically’ in General Election

Tactical voting websites

There are a number of Tactical Voting websites and this number is increasing. They obtain their figures from various polling providers and histories. Some would be based on national rather than local conditions. However the histories, understandably, tend to be based on, well, history, and generally don’t take account of Tactical Voting which now appears to be a major influence.

Taking care in Tactical voting

The different Tactical Voting websites can, confusingly, give different recommendations, may contradict each other and can change as they receive new data. So it’s necessary to understand what’s going on on the ground.

If you are prepared to vote tactically, holding your nose if necessary to prevent Johnson’s disastrous deal, or even worse, a ‘No deal’ at the end of 2020, both the Labour party and Liberal Democrats are pushing for a Peoples Vote. We recommend voting for one or the other, depending on where you are registered to vote.

Locally the Labour party appears more focused on winning Stevenage. Meanwhile the Liberal Democrats are putting the great effort into the Hitchin and Harpenden constituency.

“Moreover there are a many “Remainers”, especially in Harpenden who have said they will switch to voting Libdem, but cannot bring themselves to vote for Corbyn’s Labour Party.”

Consequently as a non-affiliated organisation, North Herts for Europe recommends voting for:

Jill Borcherds (Labour) if you are in Stevenage, and

Sam Collins (Liberal Democrat) if you are in Hitchin and Harpenden.If you are in North East Herts constituency, it seems unlikely that tactical voting would change who wins the seat. However,  the candidate with the best chance of beating Sir Oliver Heald is Kelly Green (Labour) 

For more details see: Tactical Voting – Recommendations for Hitchin and Stevenage > North Herts for Europe

And on Election day send a message out saying ‘I’ve voted, have you?’ to increase turnout.

Splitting the Remain Vote – Tactical Voting or a Nightmare? – A letter published in the local Comet newspaper.

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