Third countries don’t export to Single Market

Huge delays

This Engineering business reports that Cross-channel deliveries which, before Brexit, used to take 3 days now take up to 4 weeks.

Third Countries

With Brexit the UK is now counted as another ‘Third country’ by the EU. Previously the UK was a Rule-maker as a member of the EU, but now it’s a Rule-taker’.

UK exporters are now dealing with 27 separate EU countries, each with their own processes, procedures and computer systems. Whilst a member of the EU this was irrelevant.

Structural change

This is not a ‘teething problem’, but a consequence of Brexit. Although businesses will get used to individual computer systems, a new destination or new exporter will encounter such problems.


Small businesses frequently share a vehicle with other suppliers arranged by the carrier. It only takes one item from one supplier to be determined as incorrectly recorded for the whole laod to be delayed until it’s sorted-out.

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