Write to your MP

It is essential that our MPs know what people think about Brexit. But North Hertfordshire forms part of three parliamentary constituencies, and it is important that you contact the MP for where you actually live, or they will not be able to respond to your concerns.

Our MPs are:

Rt. Hon. Sir Oliver Heald QC MP representing North East Hertfordshire, covering Letchworth, Baldock, Royston and the rural area in the east of the District.

Mr Bim Afolami MP representing Hitchin and Harpenden, covering Hitchin, and the rural area to the west.

Mr Stephen McPartland MP representing Stevenage District, but also covering the southern part of North Herts including Knebworth and Codicote.

The most effective way of expressing your views is by letter. For your comments to be considered, your MP will need your name, home address and phone number. Letters should be sent to the appropriate MP at House of Commons, London SW1A 0AA.

It is best to express comments in your own words, but you might like to consider the following points:

  • The country is facing a grave crisis, but it is not simply a choice between Mrs May’s highly unsatisfactory deal, and leaving with a disastrous no-deal.
  • I would urge you to do all you can to delay the date of leaving so that other options can be considered.
  • If parliament cannot agree the best way forward, the British people should be given the choice, including staying in the EU with all the benefits we now have.
  • Asking the people again, now that the facts of Brexit are fully known, is not the travesty of democracy that is claimed by some politicians.
  • Young people who have the most to lose through Brexit were denied a vote in 2016. Democracy does not mean that a decision made at one point in time can never be revisited, no matter how much circumstances change.

If you prefer, you may of course contact your MP by email. Their respective email addresses are: