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The Voters’ Verdict – No to Brexit

The Tories see their crushing defeat in the local elections as punishment for failing to deliver Brexit.  The Prime Minister claims that people are telling politicians to come together to make Brexit happen. She says “The real thing that matters now is delivering Brexit … the longer that takes, the greater the risk we will not leave at all”.  A government minister has even said “failure to deliver Brexit would be a disaster”.

This thinking borders on the delusional.  It totally ignores the massive rise in support for the pro-Remain parties in the recent elections.  People have simply had enough of Brexit.  They just want the whole idea to go away, or at the very least, to have a Peoples’ Vote to decide if this is still what people really want.

Labour has also now come out as a pro-Brexit party, despite the views of their members and supporters.  Its leaders concede that for Mrs May’s deal, or a no-deal, they might consider the option of a People’s Vote.  But their preference is for Brexit, without the need for a Peoples’ Vote.  Not surprisingly, they too have suffered large losses in the local elections, just when they should be riding high, facing an incompetent and unpopular government.

It is clear that the electoral success of Remain supporting parties, and the abject failure of the pro-Brexit parties, shows that people have had enough of Brexit.  They know giving up our hard-won place in Europe is a huge mistake.

The next key event is the European Parliament election on 23 May.  New political parties will join the fray for the first time. It is vital that all, including EU27 nationals, have registered to vote in the UK.  Now the priority must be to take this opportunity to vote.  Voting for pro-Remain parties will send the clearest possible message to all conspiring to take us out of the EU, and to damage the UK for years to come.

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