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Hopes for an extension of Transition period fading

North Herts for Europe has had a letter published in the Comet:

It is now looking increasingly unlikely that an extension of Transition period with the EU can be agreed by the end of this month, and according to a Social Market Foundation report commissioned by the cross-party Best for Britain group published in May ‘Assessing the economic implications of coronavirus and Brexit’ p 8, available from Best from Britain) failing to negotiate a deal with the EU, in combination with the impact of COVID-19, will result in a huge negative economic impact on Hertfordshire, where a large number of jobs are in the areas of manufacturing, finance, banking and insurance. Yet our government is still threatening to end the transition period in which our current trading arrangements apply on 31st December, if an extension agreement is not reached with the EU by the end of June.

Britain’s departure from EU decision-making bodies has now occurred, but the economically disastrous No-Deal outcome for which the UK is currently heading does not have to be inevitable. The European Movement would like to urge readers to write to their MP to encourage them to demand that the Government extend the current transition arrangements (as the other countries of the EU have already indicated their willingness to do). If this is not done, the economic damage caused by COVID-19 will be greatly increased.

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