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Government Brexit Worst Case Predictions Now Coming True

Operation Yellowhammer

In 2019 the Government produced Brexit Worst Case Predictions for a No deal Brexit ‘Reasonable Worst Case Scenario’ for internal use only called ‘Operation Yellowhammer‘.

This was leaked to the Sunday Times and the Institute for Government produced a summary.

No Preparation

The Government chose to produce a ‘Hard Brexit’ with no preparation, consequntly the current situation looks very much like Operation Yellowhammer’!

  • No new facilities and staff for the borders
  • Impact on Trade
  • Impact of lack of HGV drivers
  • Law enforcement
  • Northern Ireland situation
  • Adult Social care

The London Economic produced a summary of the situation in September 2021.

Yellowhammer warning – Government Preparation – What actually happened?

For each area, the National compares the original Yellowhammer warning, the Government preparation as a result and what’s actually happened.

YouTuber Phil Moorhouse offers his view of what happened.

YouTuber Phil Moorhouse offers his view of how yellowhammer became what’s happened

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