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Express blames EU Governments for Brexit impact

Germany fines and deports 3 British electricians – Merkel toughens stance after Brexit

GERMANY has fined and deported three British electricians as Chancellor Angela Merkel has toughened her stance on unregistered workers after Brexit.

Customs authority officials in Stuttgart acted after they inspected the men’s paperwork while they were fitting out a sports shop for a Slovenian company. The men, believed to be from Hornchurch, in east London, were told that they did not have the correct documents to allow them to stay in Germany.

Shame that the Express is unaware that the entire world gives you 90 days for visa-on-arrival. Including most holiday destinations like the US, Australia, Thailand, Canada etc. It’s not the exception.

As a consequence of Brexit the UK is now a ‘Third country’ from an EU perspective, thus treated as any other non-EU country. Unfortunately the Express does not recognise this fact.

In fact, if you stay somewhere 180 days or more within a year, that is considered your country of residency. You will need a “proper” visa for that, and probably will be taxed there as well.

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