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140 MPs write to PM Johnson demanding he recalls Parliament now

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Our MPs names do not appear below. Write to Bim, Oliver or Stephen today.

We are wasting precious time. We can be sure Boris Johnson and his unelected advisor, Dominic Cummings, will be working hard through the summer to subvert democracy and silence the many millions of people that do not want Brexit or its effects to continue.

140 MPs have written to the Prime Minister urging him to recall Parliament now. There are very serious concerns to be addressed and this is no time for holidays when our Government are hugely increasing spending to prepare for a completely avoidable disaster.

Please do send a copy of this letter to Bim, Oliver or Stephen depending on which constituency you are in and ask them to support the recall. You might also like to ask them how they intend to protect your medical supplies and fresh food sources should this PM without a mandate drag us into chaos.

Email addresses and Twitter accounts of our MPs

Hitchin and Harpenden



There is a copy of the letter in this article. You can also retweet Stephen Doughty’s tweet.

Many thanks for your support and action

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